Yoda full

A Grand Master, 800 years I trained
Young Jedi knights. A prophecy which spoke
About One yet to come, Qui-Gon explained
Was a boy Anakin. Caution awoke
When I sensed fear in him: fear that destroys
All good. His Force was strong. Nor was that all.
Already now the boy the Force employs
To augment and control what might befall.
At last, I approved his new Padawan,
To be trained by our maverick Qui-Gon Jinn
And later by Kenobi Obi-Wan
Who mentored and befriended Anakin.
But how senses deceive! Dark shadows wove
To cloud the future. Then we could not see
Our danger: how as Jedi it behove
Us to on guard against the Sith to be!
They sprung their trap! Anakin with the Dark
Side joined with Sidious to bring us down
And his new empire build. Once lit, the spark
Of war consumed the galaxy. Their own
Clone troops preserve their reign. Most Jedi dead:
Except the very few of us who live
In secret places. Oft, as I have said
“We do. Or do not.” What more can I give?
I will remain here upon Dagobah
Which circles endlessly its lonely star
Until my final pupil comes at last
To train, and at the end confront his past.


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