R2D2 full

Beep. Weep. Weep. Whoop. Whoop. Beep. Toodle. Whoo!
An astromech in Naboo’s service, I
Am skilled in all the many tasks I do:
Starship construction and repair. I fly
Most spacecraft. IT systems I can hack
And electronic barriers override.
Though small in size, surprisingly I pack
A doughty punch when I fight by the side
Of those I serve: like Senator Padmé,
Or Anakin, even C3-PO.
How many times it’s been I’ve saved the day!
On secret missions I’ve been tasked to go
By Princess Leia: seeking Obi-Wan,
Tracking him down on desert Tatooine
Across the sandy wastes by blazing sun,
To show him what by his eyes must be seen.
Before and since I’ve navigator flown
On endless missions to star-systems far:
Rebel Alliance business. I must own
A myriad dangers, by comet and star –
By every planet in the galaxy
‘Twas never such an astromech as me!


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