Mace Windu


Mace Windu full

A champion of the Jedi, it ‘twas I
Who long agreed with Yoda’s secret fears
The Dark Side was reviving secretly
In hidden lairs. Increasingly with years
I felt those powers dark, insidious,
Would foster crises, bring things to a crux.
Our Jedi Council heard rumours invidious –
But details remained hazy and in flux.
The future remained dark, always concealed:
Our foes were hidden. Chancellor Palpatine
Never until the last moment revealed
Himself as the most dangerous foe of mine.
Yet so it was: our Chancellor – Sith Lord!
The rot inside the marrow sunk so deep
In the Republic, only by the sword
Our liberty and a free Senate keep.
We four the Chancellor will now arrest –
Exposing him as Sith: let all such fear!
These knights and I are of the very best:
We’ll purge this darkness, end corruption here.
For are not Jedi stronger, by the Light?
Else will these Sith bring down an endless night.


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