Jabba the Hutt

Jabba full

There are some fools who say “Crime does not pay!”
They’re wrong. We Hutts control a syndicate
With interests spread across the galaxy
To provide thrills illicit, that the state
Can’t sanction in its public, common laws –
For reasons politic. We kickbacks give
Providing reasons so that the state ignores
Our little side-lines. We live and let live:
Unless they cross us, or our profit-line.
Then we Hutts must subtly retaliate.
For politicians never have much spine –
Most let us be, before it is too late.
For now, I enjoy life on Tatooine
My palaces are large. I take a cut
Of every enterprise. What’s yours, is mine!
Less power to the people, more to Hutt!
Life isn’t perfect. People try to cross
Me now and then. This Han Solo is one.
He hasn’t learnt that Jabba is the Boss.
He thinks he can escape me on the run.
My contracts have gone out. How long does he
Think he has with a large price on his head?
To which hideout does he think he can flee?
Once he travels the space-routes: he is dead.
Or he will want to be. My life of ease
Means others live to serve me, as I please.


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