Han Solo

Han Solo full

From Coruscant out to the Outer Rim
I know each star-jump, quasar, moon and cloud,
What checkpoints to avoid and when to trim
Our hyper-jumps to blend in with a crowd.
And everything’s for sale – for a price:
For smuggling people, or some contraband.
We never visit the same spaceport twice
And depart soon after we’ve come to land.
On Tatooine I had some awful luck
Needing my blaster to shoot my way out.
A smuggler never is a sitting duck
As I taught Greedo: bounty-hunter lout!
Now Jabba’s sicced his hunters onto me –
I need more smuggling jobs to see me clear.
For nothing in this universe is free.
I’ll wipe my debts out within half a year.
A toast to our success, Chewie! I pledge
We’ll hit the jackpot, walking the knife’s edge.


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