Greedo full

In life I have a very simple creed:
Make lots of money, quickly as you can.
The risky jobs pay plenty. You just need
To take precautions. Be a ruthless man.
The Mos Eisley Cantina – Jabba told
Me go out, bring back Solo. Well, why not?
Han Solo’s no big deal. I was sold.
For whatever it takes – that I have got!
I am a bounty hunter, in the employ
Of Jabba Hutt. So you listen to me:
‘Cause I’ve got high-placed friends. Remember – boy!
I wonder what Han’ll say when he sees me?

“Hey – Solo! Pay attention to me, son.
You’ll pay to me all what you Jabba owe
Or I will take your Millennium Falcon
In lieu. We’ll settle this before you go.”

“That’s fine with me.” says Solo. Good! At last!
But then I’m speared by Solo’s laser blast
That elicits my last cry of despair.
He can’t do this to me! This isn’t fair….


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