Darth Maul

Darth Maul full

From Dathomir hail I. Night-witch’s spawn:
Talzin’s son, by the sisters of night
For service to the Dark Side I was born
Recruited when a boy, then trained to fight.
My mother leagued the sisterhood with Sith
For she had dreamt of being the Right Hand
Of Sidious, for he cozened her with
False promises of glory and command.
Sidious stole me away, Talzin’s first son:
To train as his apprentice. The Dark Side
Grew stronger when my training had begun
To use the Force. The first duel that I tried
With Qui-Gon Jinn on dusty Tatoonine
Was inconclusive. But our second duel
On Naboo showed my powers were supreme!
Then I faced off against his youngling fool:
Enjoying his dismay – on which I feed
With great delight. The Dark Force filled my heart
With overconfidence at my late deed.
His Padawan then sliced my frame apart!
I tumbled down the shaft, cut through in twain:
Then dumped on Lotho Minor with the junk.
My memories were blank. All I retain
Was hatred for Kenobi. I had sunk
Down to insanity. A vermin-feast
Sustained my body on its spider-frame –
In place of legs. Fallen among the least
From power’s height down to the depths of shame!
I live but for revenge – its taste is sweet!
Again with Obi-Wan I plan to meet…


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