Clone Trooper

clone trooper white full

One million brothers raised on Kamino
Cloned from one Jango Fett. We soldiers all
Formed up an army unsurpassed to go
Subdue the Separatists. The battle-call
Is all we know. To fight, to dare, to die!
Obeying without question overlords
Who give commands. At first Master Jedi
Did general us by words and laser-swords.
Now we are led by others. Orders changed
When 66 came through from Palpatine.
Jedi are now our enemies: estranged
From the Republic. Why this might have been
We care not. We obey! Our neural code
Forbids us thinking we can disobey.
So, loyal to a fault, we take what road
The Emperor orders. We cannot gainsay
What we were made to do. Evil is good
If Sidious so decides. What if he should?


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