Chancellor Palpatine

Chancellor Palpatine full

Aha! The next move in my little game
Becoming ruler of the galaxy
Is to expunge their order. In my name
The Jedi declared outlaw. For I see,
Their Jedi Council was a threat indeed
Requiring me give Order 66
To terminate them all. Did they succeed
To block me, pulling all their usual tricks
I could not next declare The Republic dead
And pluck this fruit – which into my hand falls
To birth my new Empire, me at its head!
A session of emergency soon calls
The Senate: their old powers vote away
In this extremis, and appoint to lead
One with supremacy and total sway.
That will be me – for who else will they heed?
Oh yes! Things proceed nicely. Now the Sith
Come out into our own, into full power.
Who can oppose us? I am dealing with
The last resistance at this very hour.
Then let Darth Sidious soon stand forth revealed –
For long as Chancellor Palpatine concealed!


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