C3P0 full

My circuits – protocol and etiquette –
Were activated on Tatooine’s soil.
My first master I never will forget:
Although the things he’s done makes me recoil.
So many things my electrodes have seen –
The Old Republic fell, the Empire rose,
The Jedi slain by Storm Troopers who’ve been
Transformed from allies into deadly foes
By Order 66. Long did I serve
Captain Antilles and the Rebel cause
Aboard the Tantive IV with android verve –
‘Till interdicted breaking Empire laws.
I then escaped with a pert astromech
R2-D2, ditching on Tatooine.
On-sold by Jawas to my Maker’s son
I have been made the sport of Fate, I ween.
I shall serve Luke with all my robot mind
Till the Alliance frees all sentient-kind.


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