Boba Fett

Boba Fett full

I saw father beheaded. I was there
When Mace Windu light-sabred off his head.
I cried for the last time. I was aware
That I was on my own. Father was dead.
Father had taught me well. I learnt his trade.
In what he did – my father was the best.
I would be like him. This decision made –
I to this goal my energies addressed.
I swore I would kill Mace Windu one day.
As he had killed my father. But my plan
Miscarried. Mace was one who got away –
He died – his death came by another man.
I hire myself out in the body-business:
Hunting for bounties ‘cross the galaxy,
Assassinations too. You’d rightly guess
My services ain’t cheap. And never free.
I do not care who hires me – rebel, Lord,
Emperor, or Duke, or some Big Boss of crime:
So long as my high price they can afford.
Each get one warning: never waste my time,
I never will forgive a double-cross.
I don’t forget and I never forgive.
The smart ones listen. The rest – it’s their loss
As they soon find they don’t have long to live.
No Jedi left. Suppose I never will
Enjoy the pleasure having one to kill.


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