Asajj Ventress

Asajj full

Nightsister-born. Yet my nightsister clan
Could not protect me. Born on Dathomir
I knew the Force. Discovered by a man
He as a Jedi trained me. And no peer
I thought he had. But later, when Ky died
The Jedi’s loss embittered me and hate
At what I’d lost consumed me from inside.
Dooku apprenticed me. Thus did I late
A Sith aspire to be, by working in
Count Dooku’s service, serving year by year
I performed oft the job of assassin.
But I became a threat, it did appear.
Dooku was worried. Might I take his place?
He planned my death when I was on Sullust.
He would not even duel me face to face!
I’ll have revenge. Is my desire not just?
I yet survive. My betrayer lives still.
I think Count Dooku still has much to learn
About the most effective ways to kill.
He shall regret that me he once did spurn.
He won’t escape. Let all see what I’ll do
To bring about the demise of Dooku.


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